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Lockdown Alarm Systems

school building

What would happen if you had an unwanted intruder or attack against your school? Could you lockdown at the press of a button? Lockdown Alarm Systems are ideal for schools, colleges, universities and other public and private environments where the premises may need to be locked down in an emergency such as an intruder situation […]

Crime Rates in Manchester

dahua CCTV camera

Manchester crime rates and Manchester business crime rates have been published by the ONS today. According to the most recent crime statistics, parts of England and Wales have much higher crime rates than other parts of the country, with Cleveland in Yorkshire and West Yorkshire recording the highest in the country. Crime is also high […]

Lockdown Preparedness


Lockdown and Covid may seem like a distant memory, but if a lockdown situation happened again, how prepared would you be? Follow our top tips. 1.  Assess your response to the first lockdown During the first lockdown, how prepared were you, what contingency planning did you have in place and how quickly could you mobilise your […]

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