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Smart Security Systems

CDN Networks have a number of surveillance solutions for your business or organisation that run smoothly on your wireless networks and cabling infrastructure from door entry systems to facial recognition.

In addition, our custom built facial recognition systems combined with a user friendly control panel can enable you to utilise a number of smart technology capabilities including loss prevention, access control and marketing solutions.

All of this can be enabled with due care and consideration for GDPR and data protection as our software has the ability to refresh without storing individual customer data.

We also offer ANPR solutions and 24/7/365 CCTV and Alarm Monitoring from the UK’s most accredited monitoring station, for additional peace of mind and rapid resolution in the event of a security incident.

Read more about our security and marketing solutions below.

CDN Networks delivers next generation CCTV and surveillance systems which provide clear CCTV images that are far superior to those currently available in the marketplace. The images are in fact, so clear, that it looks like daylight even when taken in the dark, being delivered in full colour and a clarity that is hard to match.

This is essential when you are considering security for your premises, particularly when combined with our facial recognition technology as you will able to flag issues as and when they arise, with multi campus or store connectivity for the ultimate in surveillance security and peace of mind. 

We can offer state of the art video surveillance and monitoring including the cameras, operations software and networking infrastructure for smart city operations. Our unique technology can deliver 4K resolution images over coax, enabling organisations to implement next generation surveillance technology over legacy CCTV connectivity architectures. 

We are installers of Genie CCTV system – find out more here:

To find out what we can do for your business, retail store, educational facility, hospital or any premises requiring security solutions, complete our enquiry form below. 

CDN Networks can provide 24 x 7 CCTV & Alarm Monitoring from the the UK’s most accredited Monitoring Station.

Our response times are:

    • Fire Alarms – 90% response within 30 seconds
    • Panic Alarms – 80% response within 30 seconds and 98.50% response within 60 seconds.

Our Monitoring services work closely with industry leading providers such as BT Redcare, Emizon, WebWay, CSL DualCom, Risco and RSI Videofied to offer you the best solution.

We can also provide bespoke solutions for Lone Worker Monitoring, Vehicle Telematics & Building Sites.

Our monitoring services provide the reassurance of a rapid notification to key holders if an alarm is triggered, and deliver huge cost savings compared to employing numerous security personnel. Monitoring services deter crime whilst also reducing insurance premiums.

CDN Networks brings you Biomatch FR™, our ground breaking facial recognition system that is not only state in providing a range of security and marketing solutions via a comprehensive statistical control panel, but also uses military grade algorithms, taking facial images as an encrypted mathematical description of the face, thus making it extremely secure and in line with data protection legislation including GDPR.

This offers you the best in terms of technology to keep your customers, premises and stock levels safe, but is also reassures end user clients that you never store any identifying features or personal data that would identify an individual other than to match them to the mathematical vector. 

Facial recognition has become an essential part of security in recent years. It has been popularised by its multifaceted applications ranging from video surveillance to entertainment and marketing. Our software uses data from live cameras and cross checks it with enrolment databases (or any other database). The system then generates an appropriate action alert. For example, it may generate a confirmation if the digital footprint is in the enrolment database or an alert if the person isn’t.

Our security based product offering relies on customisable watch lists, camera handling, and straightforward Integration to exceed the needs of clients.

Features of our bespoke Facial Recognition Systems

  Utilises military-grade NIST-certified Facial Recognition algorithms

  Enhanced privacy controls that ensure the integrity and security of customer data with minimal risk

  GDPR-complaint with automatic image deletion

  Can be used with any existing IP CCTV System

  Delivers the world’s fastest matching capabilities with up to 99.6% accuracy

  Bespoke Android App that can be customised to your specific requirements

  Combined with control panel that offers comprehensive data for marketing purposes

  Linked sites can offer multi-store security capabilities

 Applications for Facial Recognition

  Law enforcement

  Safeguarding in education and healthcare environments

  Human Resources applications: virtual ID cards

  Access Control

  Marketing and demographics: map customer habits and trends with comprehensive statistical data

Our engagement process starts with understanding your current security profile and the desired application for facial recognition. We then analyse the development requirements, provide a comprehensive data protection impact assessment and implement a proof of concept with data modelling before rolling out a live system.

Once your facial recognition system is in place, we provide ongoing software updates and support and maintenance to keep your facial recognition system working effectively. 

For further information about Biomatch FR, please complete our enquiry form below.

Using state of the art pandemic technology, our thermal imaging solutions can help to keep your staff and clientele safe in social settings including in care homes, hospitals, GP surgeries, schools, offices, local government offices, border control and more. 

Applications include:

  •  Detect body temperature in read time, thus alerting you instantly if a person reaches or is above the threshold
  •  Detect and calculate the number of people entering an area to control numbers and prevent further users from entering the premises
  •  Detect when the physical distance between two people are less than the preset value, reminding staff to act accordingly

Thermal image cameras may also be used as security devices in alerting you to the presence of intruders out of hours, detect heating and cooling issues within a building and search for persons when somebody is missing.

Contact us to discuss your thermal imaging requirements by completing the enquiry form below. 

CDN Networks provide turn-key ANPR solutions in association with a registered BPA approved Parking Enforcement Operator. Our customers benefit from a single supplier in total control of the entire technology landscape, and drivers benefit from superior service and single point of data entry.

Our Solution Components include:

 ANPR cameras with high-performance CMOS image sensors and processors for in-depth extraction and analysis of vehicle information 24/7. These use deep learning algorithms to accurately recognise vehicles without license plates, and vehicle model, vehicle logo, vehicle series, vehicle colour etc. Our cameras also support two-way audio and voice broadcasting which is useful in unattended parking environments.

 Signage – With site specific terms and conditions, so that staff, guests and visitors understand free parking periods as well as payment methods if required.

 White Lists – Virtual permits – for managing staff parking, contractors, and guests.

 Validation for designated visitors and non-standard parking requirements.

 Cashless Payment for parking – mobile phone app, browser, text message, human operator or kiosk.

 ANPR Enforcement – facilitate free flowing traffic with barrier-less parking. Composite ANPR cameras provide both an ANPR number plate patch image & overview image in real-time.   Photographic evidence is stamped with date, time and vehicle registration number (VRN), and automatically assigned to the correct Parking Charge Notice.

 Handheld Enforcement (optional) – e.g. for drivers causing obstructions or not displaying a Blue Badge etc Notice Processing – APNOS (Advanced Parking Notice System) ensures efficient PCN processing with full transparency and reporting

Complete the form below to submit an enquiry regarding our ANPR solutions. 

CDN Networks work with leading manufacturers to deliver integrated Door Entry and Access Control Systems to enable our customers to control access to their real estate assets. 

Our solutions negate the need to change keys or replace locks in the event of key theft and validate visitors before allowing them entry into a building. In addition they can be deployed in synergy with fire safety, CCTV and alarm systems as part of a comprehensive safeguarding solution.

Typical solutions comprise of:

 External access panels

 Door control units

 Internal monitor units

These work in conjunction with access cards, tokens and fobs and appropriate readers to deliver a comprehensive Door Entry and Access Control solution.  Biometric access solutions are also available, including fingerprint readers, iris readers and facial recognition systems.

Complete the form below to enquire about our access control systems.

Lockdown Alarm Systems

Lockdown Alarm Systems are ideal for schools, colleges, universities and other public and private environments where the premises may need to be locked down in an emergency such as an intruder situation or terrorist attack.

Our system comes with an audio solution so that an audible alert is heard while other lockdown functions such as doors locking, CCTV recording and emails being sent are being activated.

It is also key that any audible lockdown alarms are distinguishable from existing systems such as a fire alarm, so we ensure that our audio system is distinct and install and thoroughly test your system for you.

Our audio alert systems are high quality, we have flexible activation options such as a push of a button or swipe card and the audio system works over your IP network to send commands to other IP systems for immediate activation.

Contact s today to find out more about our lockdown alarm systems.

CDN Networks delivers a range of biometric security systems including door entry systems, sign in systems and security filtering using facial recognition, retina scanning and finger print technology.

Biometric Access Control systems use biometric information to unlock door entry systems instead of a key.  Biometric locks can use a variety of biometric technologies including

 Facial Recognition systems

 Fingerprint scanners

 Retinal/ Iris scanners

These use biometric data to match individuals against an access control database, improving access, security and convenience.  Also the risks associated with duplication of keys, access cards, tokens or fobs is minimised, or eliminated.

To find out how a biometric system can transform your business, school, hospital, retail outlet and more, please complete the enquiry form below.

Biomatch FR™, CDN Networks’ custom-built Facial Recognition Systems include an integrated strategic decision making platform, giving users unlimited insights into customers’ emotional motivations. Biomatch FR™ utilises AI algorithms, real-time captured image data and market research analytic methodologies to answer any strategic marketing questions displayed in familiar dashboard-based market analysis charts.

Computer-based facial recognition mimics our natural ability to decode these raw, subtle tell-tale signs of different emotional states. Our platform captures unfiltered emotional responses allowing clients to gauge the behaviour of employees and customers.

It does this whilst converting the image into a mathematical vector and simply outputting the data, thus ensuring user privacy and GDPR compliance, so your customers can be assured of their privacy with no identifying features stored on the system.

Typical applications include:

  •   Market Research:  Biomatch FR™ can collate real-time buyers’ behavioural information based on expressed emotions while visiting your business, and can deliver tailor-made reports, giving you an accurate and distinctive representation of your consumers. Datasets available include :-

– General customer/client traffic data: An analysis of shoppers’ and non-shoppers’ consuming habits within the trade area.
– Consumer reactions to viewing or purchasing specific products or product categories, and tracking of changes over time.
– Competitor benchmarking analysis of emotionally driven decisions made by customers to visit the competition.
– Time-lapse tracking of market/industry trends with instant day by day, week by week or even month by month analysis of customer movement data. 

 Customer satisfaction scores using Facial Recognition technology to compile customer satisfaction indices to understand customer opinions and predict trends.

 Customer Loyalty as Biomatch FR™ can provide insights into customer loyalty and satisfaction by capturing real time, facially expressed emotions and comparing against return visits and purchasing trends.

 Customer Journey Analytics as Biomatch FR™ analyses millions of data points in real-time to track and analyse the way customers use combinations of channels to interact with your organisation.  These reports can uncover trends which impact business goals like increasing revenue, reducing churn and improving customer experience.

 Custom Analytics:  Tailored solutions and Custom reports- answering your specific marketing questions.

To find out more about our ground-breaking facial recongition technology and how can you help gain a competitive advantage, complete the enquiry form below.

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