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Manchester crime rates and Manchester business crime rates have been published by the ONS today.

According to the most recent crime statistics, parts of England and Wales have much higher crime rates than other parts of the country, with Cleveland in Yorkshire and West Yorkshire recording the highest in the country. Crime is also high in Kent with Manchester, Merseyside and the West Midlands not far behind. In fact, over two million cases of theft and burglary are recorded a year.

Break-ins, theft and violence, particularly for those working in our frontline medial and education services, are serious concerns for any business or public sector organization and even more so as the country readjusts following a long period of restrictions and lockdown and crime rates are almost at pre pandemic levels.

CDN Networks cannot prevent every crime from happening, but we can provide an effective deterrent through our forensic grade CCTV with crystal clear imaging and prevent unauthorized access to commercial premises with a range of biometric door entry systems.

Available to offer a free audit to your business, school or organization, don’t leave your staff and equipment vulnerable – we are more than happy to visit and discuss options with you to upgrade your existing infrastructure and protect what matters most.

DM us to book your site visit in the North West today.

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