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CDN Distribution

CDN Distribution is a Value Added Distributor of innovative and cost effective wireless products and wireless solutions. We work with partners on a trusted basis under NDA to deliver comprehensive networking and surveillance solutions for your customers on a white label basis.

All our products are sourced directly from manufacturers enabling us to ensure we propose the right solution to our industry clients. With over 25 years experience in design sourcing and wireless distribution and technology solutions, we are well equipped to provide the wireless products and solutions our resellers and partners need to satisfy the wide variety of solutions the customer needs.

Our product portfolio is focussed on the frequency ranges from 2.4 GHz up to and including 80 GHz with data throughputs from 10Mbps to 20Gbps at bandwidths from 28 MHz to 512 MHz. Learn about what we can do for you in terms of rural improvements

CDN Networks offers the distribution of external wireless equipment, installation and support services to IT resellers, CCTV and Fire safety companies, telcos and ISPs.

Using our expertise, we can manage everything from the initial site survey through to supporting you with your competitive quote, distributing high grade products and network installation with ongoing support.

All of this is a fully white labelled service, so you have our backup whilst the assurance of a full confidentiality agreement.

To enquire about our reseller programme, please complete the enquiry form below.

CDN Networks can offer fully manged wireless services as a white labelled service. We can also simply provide you with high grade wireless products direct from the manufacturers at discounted rates.

To enquire about our reseller programme, please complete the enquiry form below.

We can integrate our Biomatch FR TM system into any reseller programme whether you work in the retail or security sector, offering forensic grade facial recongition systems that are GDPR compliant and ultra secure.

We can install our Biomatch FR TM system on an existing network or help you with the installation of a new networking and wifi system.

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Working in partnership with the Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme for Accredited Resellers, we can deliver wireless technology-based connectivity solutions for Rural & Remote geographies.

We can help you to understand the implications of the scheme and maximise the funding for any community looking to improve their broadband connectivity. This may involve numerous bids from businesses and residential property owners alike.

We can also help if you have a large property within a rural area which is suitable for placing an antenna on to service the local community, enabling you to monetise your broadband. 

Please contact us using the form below for further details.

If you are unsure as to whether your site is suitable for a particular technology or what is required to provide the best solution for your geography and campuses, we can undertake a site survey and make recommendations on the best way forward. This includes surveys for new build estates, existing buildings looking to improve their technology, remote geographies and where you are considering point to point technology to connect multiple campuses together, all under a white-labelled service. 

Cabling Site Surveys

These document the inventory of equipment located at premises and available fibre, ethernet switch ports, existing cabling, internal and external cabling entrances and any cabling requirements. They may also identify and document building to building connectivity (copper, fibre, wireless etc.) where applicable.

Internal Wireless Site Surveys

 Passive Surveys analyse the airwaves to ensure access points are configured to the correct channels to avoid channel overlap. They also provide comprehensive WLAN analysis with easy to understand visualisations of estimated signal levels, interference, access point coverage area, estimated data rates and network issues etc.

 Desk Based Passive Surveys using site diagrams and software to provide a visualisation of estimated signal levels, interference, access point coverage area and estimated data rates.

 Active Surveys extend upon the information available from passive surveys to include an analysis of the data throughput availability to the access points. Active surveys are more exhaustive than passive surveys and hence take longer to complete, sometimes requiring several days on larger sites.

External Wireless Site Surveys

 We conduct external wireless site surveys using a combination of software and physical site surveys to determine availability of line of sight, obstructions and estimated signal levels. 

Detailed Reports

 We provide detailed reports which report on the current availability of services and the requirements to get your site to the required level of connectivity for you business or organisation.

To book your reseller site survey, please complete the form below.

We can provide networking broadband and connectivity solutions including:

  •  ADSL and ADSL2 services with download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps, with lower contention ratios than the average broadband connection meaning better performance and reliability, particularly at peak times.
  •  FTTC services. These are full fibre optic connections to the existing telecommunications infrastructure with copper wire from existing street cabinets to your business premises. These typically deliver download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps.
  •  Leased Lines providing a dedicated connection between your business premises and the local exchange, delivering a symmetrical uncontended connection with a fixed bandwidth of up to 10Gbps. Leased Lines can be used for a variety of data traffic, including phone calls and internal network traffic and come with agreed SLA’s of up to 99.99% with fix times of 4 working hours making them the ideal choice for mission-critical connectivity.
  •  SD-WAN are wide area networks simplifying the connectivity between your branch offices and remote locations for mid-sized and large enterprises. MPLS-based WANs can be overlaid virtually with software-defined networking capabilities to boost the performance of your network at a lower cost than MPLS alone. SD-WAN services can be configured onto your existing infrastructure quickly and easily to deliver big savings.
  • To enquire about our network connectivity services, please complete the form below.

CDN Networks can troubleshoot your wireless and connectivity problems, from slow speeds and intermittent loss of connectivity to connecting remote and hard to reach areas.

We often fix the problems that other companies cannot fix, so if you are not entirely happy with your wireless or network connectivity then book a consultation with us using the form below.

CDN Networks has the capabilities to connect rural and remote geographies from the depths of the countryside to mountainous areas and even lighthouses!

Business and residents within the hardest to reach areas in the UK may be eligible for government funding towards the cost of installing high speed gigabit-capable connectivity services. You could receive up to £3,500 in grant per business and if worked on as a group project may bring excellent broadband and wifi services to a rural or remote location.

Further, if you own a tall or large building within a rural area we can offer a way to monetise your wifi by installing an antenna capable of servicing the local area and improving the connectivity for everybody, both residents and businesses alike, using point to point technology.

To find out more about the rural voucher scheme or our connectivity services for remote geographies, please complete the enquiry form below.

CDN Networks have worked on a number of Grade I and Grade II listed properties that require connectivity. Wired networking can be restricted due to building regulations, however, we can overcome these either by providing additional equipment to avoid damage to the historical building infrastructure or by providing wireless services that negate the need for extensive cabling.

We understand how to overcome wireless coverage blackspots which can sometimes be caused by the building materials within heritage properties. Further, any cabling or equipment can be provided that is sensitive to the fabric and interior decor of the building.

Another alternative which negates the need for wired or wireless connectivity is the use of powerline adapters and powered ethernet sockets. These use the building’s existing electrical wiring infrastructure for network connectivity and can deliver connectivity speeds which are faster than wireless.

For further information about our heritage property services, please complete the enquiry form below.

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