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Schools & Education

As an approved Everything IT supplier, our CDN Network stands out as a reliable and trusted partner for schools and colleges.

Our designation signifies that we have successfully undergone a rigorous evaluation process, demonstrating our commitment to providing superb quality services without the need for schools and colleges to navigate complex procurement procedures.

By achieving this status, we assure educational institutions that our CDN services meet the highest standards in terms of efficiency, security, and performance.

This approval streamlines the process for educational entities, allowing them to benefit from our cutting-edge technology and dedicated support without the burdensome procurement complexities, ultimately enhancing their IT infrastructure seamlessly and efficiently.

Introducing our advanced Lockdown Systems, tailored specifically for educational institutions, from primary schools to secondary schools, academies, and colleges. 

The CDN Network lockdown system has been meticulously crafted to align with the latest government, counter-terrorism, and NASUWT guidelines and seamlessly integrates with your existing IP network, offering unparalleled communication and safety features with unique zoning capabilities.

Educational institutions, such as schools and academies, may encounter various risks posed by intruders or emergency scenarios, necessitating the implementation of measures like school lockdowns, evacuations, or timely warnings. Our emergency lockdown systems are designed with the paramount objective of swiftly relocating your students and staff away from potential dangers during any emergency situation.

CDN Networks can offer fully manged wireless services as a white labelled service. We can also simply provide you with high grade wireless products direct from the manufacturers at discounted rates.

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We can provide networking broadband and connectivity solutions including:

 ADSL and ADSL2 services with download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1Mbps, with lower contention ratios than the average broadband connection meaning better performance and reliability, particularly at peak times.

 FTTC services. These are full fibre optic connections to the existing telecommunications infrastructure with copper wire from existing street cabinets to your business premises. These typically deliver download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps.

 Leased Lines providing a dedicated connection between your business premises and the local exchange, delivering a symmetrical uncontended connection with a fixed bandwidth of up to 10Gbps. Leased Lines can be used for a variety of data traffic, including phone calls and internal network traffic and come with agreed SLA’s of up to 99.99% with fix times of 4 working hours making them the ideal choice for mission-critical connectivity.

 SD-WAN are wide area networks simplifying the connectivity between your branch offices and remote locations for mid-sized and large enterprises. MPLS-based WANs can be overlaid virtually with software-defined networking capabilities to boost the performance of your network at a lower cost than MPLS alone. SD-WAN services can be configured onto your existing infrastructure quickly and easily to deliver big savings.

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CDN Networks are leading experts in wireless technology, providing solutions for businesses, public sector and third sector organisations throughout the UK.

We provide state of the art technology that provides 24/7/365 connectivity over a superfast network to enable you to connect an unlimited range of devices including computers, laptops, mobile telephones, servers, security systems and more.

We have connected everything from small offices to entire new build estates, including:

 The Education Sector, delivering managed wireless services with content filtering systems for schools, colleges, universities and halls of residence.

  The retail and hospitality sectors with secure networks in public areas and guest wifi services that can also be used for promotional and advertising purposes

  Local and central government agencies requiring additional security protocols

  Businesses from small offices to industrial sized warehouses and large enterprises with multiple geographically distributed offices

We work with a number of technology vendors and are specialists in Cisco, Aruba and Ruckus wireless solutions.

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