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What would happen if you had an unwanted intruder or attack against your school? Could you lockdown at the press of a button?

Lockdown Alarm Systems are ideal for schools, colleges, universities and other public and private environments where the premises may need to be locked down in an emergency such as an intruder situation or terrorist attack.

Our system comes with an audio solution so that an audible alert is heard while other lockdown functions such as doors locking, CCTV recording and emails being sent are being activated.

It is also key that any audible lockdown alarms are distinguishable from existing systems such as a fire alarm, so we ensure that our audio system is distinct and install and thoroughly test your system for you.

Our audio alert systems are high quality, we have flexible activation options such as a push of a button or swipe card and the audio system works over your IP network to send commands to other IP systems for immediate activation.

Contact us today to find out more about our lockdown alarm systems.

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