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Just a selection of our clients

Wireless Integrators, supplying our customers with valuable experience in the wireless arena, incomparable customer service and on-going support provide our customers with the security and assurance of a first class service.

From design and implementation of a new network infrastructure to installation and on-going support, our customers enjoy an unparalleled service.

View our latest clients and the projects in which CDN Networks have delivered outstanding serivce through a range of wireless solutions and support, CDN Networks provides the latest in wireless solutions to help support businesses all over the uk.

Warrington Wolves - CDN Networks

Warrington Wolves

Hexstone Limited - CDN Networks

Hexstone Ltd

Greater Manchester Police - CDN Networks

Greater Manchester Police

Wigan Council - CDN Networks

Wigan Council

RM Education - CDN Networks

RM Education

Bethell - CDN Networks


Manchester Muslim Prep School - CDN Networks

Manchester Muslim Prep School

Wildcard - CDN Networks


802 Works - CDN Networks

802 Works

Solicitors Gorvins - CDN Networks

Solicitors Gorvins

Warrington Council - CDN Networks

Warrington Council

Metronet - CDN Networks


Cash Flow - CDN Networks

Cash Flow

Manchester City Council - CDN Networks

Manchester City Council

Decco - CDN Networks


Paramount Security - CDN Networks

Paramount Security

City South Manchester - CDN Networks

City South Manchester

Axon - CDN Networks


Oldham Council - CDN Networks

Oldham Council

Oldham College - CDN Networks

Oldham College

Stockport Council - CDN Networks

Stockport Council

Agilisys - CDN Networks


Urban Partnership - CDN Networks

Urban Partnership