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The benefits of wireless technology in a business environment

The benefits of wireless technology in a business environment

What is wireless technology?

Wireless technology is the use of radio and laser radio to connect wireless from one device to another. Through the use of mobile, fixed and portable applications, two way radios, laser radio and wireless networking wireless technology can deliver many benefits. Wireless technology has many uses for both commercial and non-commercial uses from wireless computers, headphones and headsets to radio receivers, TV broadcasting and cordless telephones.

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Freedom to move and share information

First and foremost wireless technology is of course… Wireless! It has no wires; it gives greater mobility within your business and allows for greater communication to increase time efficiency. Employees can now roam without the issues of old redundant wires. Anywhere within the wireless radius no matter what floor or room they can share information and data almost instantly allowing everyone to work together in a more effective way.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

A new phenomenon has come to light, BYOD or bring your own device, wireless technology allows for BYOD making it much easier and convenient for employees to carry out their responsibilities. Many businesses now allow for BYOD and have been granted access to the wireless network; this creates potential financial savings to the business as many do not have to fund the cost of expensive hardware.


Wireless technology provides allows for a greater level of productivity, employees now have a greater level of mobility granting freedom and can collaborate easier in operations and tasks, wireless technology speeds up the work process. Another factor in the way in which wireless technology increases productivity is through the use of BYOD (bring your own device) many employees opt in to take work home with them and work when a time suits them.

Easily Expanded Networks

Wired networks are a thing of the past creating many problems when it comes to expanding a network, additional cables, and rerouting of already existing cables can be costly and cause other problems. Wireless networks can be easily upgraded for a greater reach or other issues you may need addressing, wireless networks are a much more cost effective way for a business network.

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

Voice over internet protocol is an exciting new way to make telephone calls over the internet; VOIP is usually free depending on your location and devices to be calling. VOIP is considerably cheaper when it comes to international calls and is a great alternative to conventional technology.

Cost Effective

Wireless technology is better solution than wired when it comes to cutting long term costs; it can work out to be more cost effective way of building a network within your business. Wired networks can become rather costly especially when your networks are on the larger side, costs include the cabling, instillation, labour and the instillation of raceways.

Wireless networks once in place have lower maintenance costs in comparison to wired and have virtually no additional costs when scaling up your network with the exception of a signal boost.


No wires means there will be no potential trips or falls over cables required to connect to the network.

Need a wireless network solution?

Overall there are many benefits of having a wireless network were by your business can benefit. Wireless networks provide; increased mobility, the ability to share instantly, the use of personal devices both at home and at work, increased work productivity, easily expanded networks, cheaper internet calls and overall a much more cost effective way of managing your networks. If you are looking for a wireless solution CDN Networks can help to deliver the latest in wireless technology through a team with over 25 years of experience behind them. Contact us today here.

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