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CDN Distribution – Laser Radio - Active beam steering

CDN Distribution – Laser Radio - Active beam steering

What is Laser Radio?

Laser radio conveys an extraordinary answer to the mobile back haul problem, though the combination of advanced millimetre wave and advanced optics it creates a multi gigabit wireless transport for carrier grade networks.

AOptix are installed over 4 continents – 7 countries, proven that in diverse situations that the laser radio technology is vigorous, scales and surpasses expectations.

What is Active Beam Steering?

There are many issues that you may come across when looking for a wireless solution for your business or organisation, one of the main issues you may face is the varying degrees of twist and sway your towers may experience from environmental and weather issues. Towers can actually experience twist and sway up to +/- 2 degrees or more, this can be caused by a number of environmental issues such as heavy winds, and buffeting, sun loading, ice and snow build up.

Laser Radio - Active beam steering

The twist and sway of towers can limit your deployment of technology to the higher areas of the tower or limit their use completely. Active beam steering combats this problem by providing real time correction; it maintains precise pointing and link alignment which allows for uninterrupted operation during tower twist and sway.

AOptix laser radio Intellimax series can be used in a range of ways due to be versatile design and its effective combat of twist and sway.


A Narrow mm wave beam can be affected severely by tower twist and sway, the Intellimax laser radio with ABS can compensate for twist and sway while maintaining precise accuracy with 1/4000th of a degree. The ABS ensures optimal link performance for optical and millimetre wave tech, it can be placed on any tower or structure without constraints, in turn this allows for opening up space for other laser radio technologies.

See a great example of the ABS laser radio in action here.

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