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Terabit radios – Faster, Smarter, smaller.

Terabit radios – Faster, Smarter, smaller.

Terabit radios – Faster, Smarter, smaller.

How terabit radios are going to revolutionise the wireless industry.

What do you need to know about terabit radios? Low cost, high capacity, Terabit radios are compact wireless radios. Delivering superb wireless connectivity, Terabit radios are packed with smart features to meet the needs of the various current market concerns. Offering unmatched performance through the use of RF, antenna and MIMO technology, other great features of terabit radios are its ability to provide reliable performance for applications with essential data rate & latency requirements. Who distributes terabit radios?

Come January CDN Distribution will be the sole UK distributor for terabit radios, meaning if you’re looking for the newest wireless radio technology terabit radios should be your number one choice for the simple reason that it has the ability to deliver an unmatched performance! CDN distribution is an established wireless technologies specialist who offers cutting edge technology like our terabit radios. Terabit radios will be available in the New Year and will help to provide a speedy service to all.

CDN Distribution

CDN distribution have over 25 years of experience in design sourcing and the delivery of wireless products and equipment, we can also help assist in strategic IT support, management, guidance; this can help you to concentrate on your business.

Terabit radio Specification

TRi5 PTP Radio Ideal for carrier and vertical markets that require 1 Gbps and low latency for backhaul and broadband connectivity: datasheet Terabit Radios has solved the problems of utilizing 5 GHz spectrum for backhaul and transport. Terabit’s revolutionary technology offers immunity to third-party interference, provides waveform level physical security, along with unprecedented gigabit data rates in an outdoor, ultra-compact radio with an integrated antenna. • 5 μsec Latency – supports the most demanding requirements • Wi-Beam Shield™ – 80 dB of interference cancellation • Auxiliary port provides connection for repeater units • LED’s track signal strength for link alignment

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